Water and Fire Damage Restoration

Recipe for Disaster Recovery

Odor removal can be a pain. Keep it simple! The A-one technicians are experts in water and fire damage restoration.

We restore it. We’ll even store it. All you have to do is call.

Do we do that? Certainly. We’re a one-stop shop for water and fire damage restoration. We handle the recovery of a variety of household items:

  • clothing and shoes,
  • window treatments and rugs,
  • bedding,
  • stuffed toys,
  • luggage,
  • and more.

Call us. That’s all it takes, and we’ll be there. We’ll honestly discuss the likelihood of restoring your damaged belongings with you at your home. Back at our place, we’ll make sure we can make your belongings right again. If not, you’ll receive a list of items that can’t be restored to their pre-disaster condition at no charge to you. Contacting us is the first step to disaster recovery.

A-One and The Salvation Army

A-One Fabric Restoration supports The Salvation Army in an innovative program that provides the opportunity to help the unfortunate at no cost to you or your insured.

Frequently, insurance carriers are asked by insured to clean and restore items of clothing and other household goods, such as bed linens, blankets and comforters, that they no longer use and have no value to them. This is an unfortunate and wasteful use of insurance proceeds.

Our program is designed to remediate this practice by asking your insured to designate items that can be removed from the house and undergo our fire damage restoration process at no expense to them or to your company. These specified items will then be donated to The Salvation Army.

The purpose of this charitable program is to:

  • Provide charitable service to our community
  • Improve A-One Fabric Restoration’s service to your firm and your insured
  • Save your company money
  • Make sure that only desirable and usable clothing is cleaned for the insured.


A-One Dry Cleaning

A-One is not just a water and fire damage restoration service! We are also specialists in quality dry cleaning. For more information on our dry cleaning or FREE pick up and delivery services, please visit www.a-onecleaners.com or call 513-351-AONE (2663).